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Chelsea E.

Half Helen Foundation

At half Helen, we are committed to improving children's vision and hearing through an innovative delivery of care that begins with using advanced technology to identify potential problems, connect families to medical care, and ensure children have access to corrective wear. Closing the access...
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What did Chelsea need?

The families of the children we serve wish to know more about the caregivers (staff and optometrists) providing vision care services to their children. Donors, community members, and prospective partners deserve to know more information about heart behind half Helen Foundation.

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Jun 23, 2020


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Susan B.


Professional writer veteran of many professional boards (professional societies healthcare public library) and small business owner. My background includes reworking disorganized workplaces, after interviewing staff and recommending positive changes and retraining/redeploying staff. In addition ...
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What did Susan have to offer?

Vision is critical, and so is a sense of humor; I love the note about starting as "a one woman show" (been there, done that with my own business) and the name of your organization--Half Helen--wow, just wow!. Kids who can't see can't learn--and they and their parents may not realize that correcting vision could make all the difference, relatively quickly. Please see my LinkedIn page (Susan J. Bliss) for links to published work. I love to interview people--let me put together nice bios for your staff, so you can concentrate on work! I have worked on same day deadlines, done interviews over the phone in many settings (ask me about the one on my cell phone, on my way to work, pulling off the freeway) and have worked with many great medical professionals, in person, in physicians' offices, long term care facilities and hospitals and over the phone everywhere. I also know how busy you are.

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